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Fix Yankee Now : International edition : Wednesday, 12 August 2020 15:26 ST : a service of The Public Press
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Special Letter to the Editor

     by Amelia Shea

We try to keep Green Living as apolitical as possible, reasoning that sustainable living must cut across boundaries of all kinds. The one area where we feel a strong stand is justified is with nuclear energy. No future for nukes until we solve the known safety and health issues from the past. This letter is from Amelia Shea, who, in addition for her volunteer work for the New England Coalition on Nuclear Pollution is Advertising Manager of Green Living Journal. -- Ed

It would be wise at this point in history to create a sensible energy policy for the future, rather than repeating the mistakes of the past. The choices which were made in determining today's energy policies were largely driven by inadequate forethought, lobbyists advocating for the oil and nuclear industries, and massive funding of misleading ad campaigns .

Obama's policy that nuclear power can be part of a solution for a clean energy future is repeating mistakes made in the past.

People worry about what kind of economic future we are creating for our children and grandchildren and it might be wise to consider what type of energy legacy we are leaving them. There are many aged and deteriorating nuclear plants across the country that are just now admitting that they are contaminating the groundwater at their sites. Some ( just some) of the nuclear plants that have recently admitted this are : Indian Point in NY, Yankee Rowe and Pilgrim in Mass, Three Mile Island and Peach Bottom in PA, Oyster Creek in NJ, Seabrook in NH and Vermont Yankee in Vernon, VT.quiet zone

Obtaining accurate information of the list of the plants leaking radioactive contamination into the water is difficult because providing the information was left up to the NRC. And rather than being required legally, it was a voluntary program.

Congressman Ed Markey who oversees the NRC was recently advocating for change when he noted that miles of pipes within nuclear reactors have never been adequately inspected and will likely never be adequately inspected under current regulations.

Vermont Yankee sits on a major watershed for agriculture in New England. What kind of legacy are we bequeathing the future generations for a safe and healthy food supply by continuing this kind of reckless and irresponsible energy policy? We must protect the land and water.

VT Yankee must be shut down now and any further development of nuclear power put on hold until – and that is a big until- there is a safe means of disposing of the waste and accountability in oversight is in the hands of responsible stewards.

Amelia Shea
Peterborough, NH

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