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PDX Green Notes Autumn '09 : International edition : Wednesday, 12 August 2020 15:21 ST : a service of The Public Press
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PDX Green Notes Autumn '09

     by Gary Munkhoff

Information of interest in the Portland, Oregon region, Autumn 2009

Tom Dwyer's Electric Vehicle Tech Team

If the market for electric cars is in its infancy, then the maintenance of electric cars is just a glimmer in a mechanic's eye. Standard internal combustion cars have a massive infrastructure to support them: dealers and repair shops to provide service, outlets to supply parts, schools to train technicians, massive books documenting the details of every electrical and mechanical system, even junkyards to supply out-of-production parts. On the other hand, if you buy one of the current electric vehicles you get little more in the way of support than good wishes. Dealers don't repair their products, parts aren't readily available, and there are few diagnostic reference materials. EV owners are reduced to finding a mechanic (who usually has little experience with EV's in the first place) and coming in with armloads of parts kits and Xeroxed instructions they've ordered online.

There is at least one team of techs in Portland that works on electrics, and you can find them at Tom Dwyer Automotive Services Inc. Here, they think that electric- and alternative-fueled vehicles are the future, and that as their popularity increases the demand for quality service will increase as well. Whether it's optimizing your current vehicle for emissions and mileage, retrofits to run on ethanol or blended fuel, or upgrading the suspension on your new electric, they'll be there for you. And, as the technology changes they are committed to keeping up-to-date on it so that they can continue to provide a high level of quality and client service.

"Repairing electric vehicles is a lot like boat repair", says Tom Dwyer, "The parts aren't even standardized between models, and it takes someone with a deep understanding of electrical and mechanical systems to diagnose and repair the vehicle."quiet zone

Tom Dwyer Automotive Services, Inc. is located at 530 SE Tenino St, Portland, OR, 97202 one block south of the east end of the Sellwood Bridge 503.230.2300 or visit www.tomdwyer.com

GoGreen 09 Conference

Social Enterprises, Inc. is thrilled to announce the full-day itinerary and speaker line-up for the second annual Go Green Conference, which will take place in Portland on Wednesday, October 7, 2009 at the Gerding Theater in the Pearl District. Go Green '09 will present the regional business community with the unique opportunity to learn from over 40 local business leaders, who will share their expertise on a variety of sustainability topics, aimed at giving business owners and professionals new ideas and strategies for increasing sustainability in all areas of the workplace.
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GoGreen '09 will offer participants concrete steps and solutions for making their business more sustainable through interactive panel-style sessions with valuable Q&A opportunities during each topic GoGreen '09 will offer participants concrete steps and solutions for making their business more sustainable through interactive panel-style sessions with valuable Q&A opportunities during each topic. The confirmed conference topics for 2009:

  • Portland's Best Sustainable Business Showcase: Learn from Portland's 2009 BEST Business + Oregon's 100 Best Green Companies Award Winners
  • Electric Vehicles: Investment, Implications and Economic Opportunities for Business
  • Social Media and Your Sustainable Message: Maximize Outreach through Online Forums
  • Writing Your Sustainability Plan: Develop a Framework and Process to Advance Sustainable Objectives
  • Authentic Storytelling in the Age of Green washing: An Interactive Dialogue and Discovery of Fact, Contradiction and Possibility
  • Improve Your Sustainability Credentials: Opportunities for Continuing Education and Certification
  • Oregon on the Leading Edge: Public and Private Initiatives Creating Economic Opportunities
  • Carbon Footprint Analysis: Tools for Measuring and Reducing Your Company's Environmental Impact
  • Growing Green Ideas: Develop Solid Business Plans to Increase Funding Opportunities
  • Hot Trends: Companies Leading the Way

Featured 2009 speakers include Governor Ted Kulongoski, Kate Brown/Oregon Secretary of State, Jeff Cogen/Multnomah County Commissioner, Susan Anderson/Director, Bureau of Planning & Sustainability, Rob Bennett/Director, Portland+Oregon Sustainability Institute, Scott Marshall/Associate Dean, Portland State University, Nik Blosser/Founder, Celilo Group, Carrie Farrar/The Standard, Marsha Willard/Founder, AXIS, Inc, Ruta Stabina/University of Oregon Sustainability Leadership, Charlie Allcock/Portland General Electric, Mark Perry/Nissan Americas, Anne Weaver/CEO, Elephants Delicatessen, Sarah Hall/Wells Fargo, Scott Davis/From the Rooftops, Mark Brady/Oregon Economic Community Development Department, Josh Skov/Principal, Good Company, Colin Sears/Portland Development Commission, Alison Sokol Blosser/Sokol Blosser Winery, Gary Hirsch/On Your Feet, Mike Mercer/Northwest Earth Institute, Clark Brockman/SERA Architects, Michael Jung/Silver Springs, Chris Enlow/KEEN and Jason Graham-Nye/Founder, gDiapers to name just a portion of the line-up.

Full-Day Registration is $150 for a full day pass, $125 with the purchase two or more. Please visit www.gogreenpdx.com for detailed event information and to purchase tickets online. Contact: Ericka Dickey at events@gogreenpdx.com l 503.969.7852

Clean Air Lawn Care Of Portland Adds Myles Electric Truck

Clean Air Lawn Care provides clean, quiet and organic lawn care. After a great deal of research into the underutilized technology, the business selected electric mowers, edgers and blowers. This year the owners of the Portland franchise have made the investment in a Myles ZX40ST all electric truck to run their routes in Portland. The electricity to charge the truck is generated with wind power. "This truck is an attention getter, we get thumbs up from people all over town", says partner Todd Hepp (503) 679-7418 or email: thepp@cleanairlawncare.com

Editor's Note: Clean Air Lawn Care CEO, Kelly Giard, has been nominated to be Entrepreneur Magazine's Emerging Entrepreneur of 2009! This is an incredible honor for all of Clean Air Lawn Care and a testament to the changing face of business – a commitment to being green, setting high ethical and environmental standards, and being an example to others.


GreenPDX is a group of individuals motivated to self-educate on all topics pertaining to sustainable building techniques and technologies. Members of this non-profit group get together once or twice a month to actually see and touch green homes in person. Rather than just read green home magazines or take formal classes on sustainable building, they enjoy a more casual and social approach to learning.

The group was started in December of 2006 by Amber Turner, a local Portland real estate broker who wanted to give more meaning to her love of home buying and selling, so she combined it with her love of nature by focusing on learning how to make new and old homes more healthy for the environment. Not knowing where to start, and not wanting to wade the new waters alone, she formed GreenPDX as a way to learn with and from others.

Now, two and a half years later, the group has grown to over 415 members. They have had private tours of Solar World to understand the process of growing silicon crystals for use in cells, invited guest speakers to talk on the pros and cons of geothermal heating and cooling, or solar power, and carpooled each fall for the Build it Green Tour of Homes.

Varying their focus each month gives each member something to find that suites their learning curve and interests. It allows people a fun opportunity to network, too, as membership is comprised of concerned citizens with varying educational backgrounds, some seeking information, others looking for a contractor with the right set of skills and ethics, and perhaps, especially now, some are even seeking work in the sustainability living sector and don't know where to start. Everyone is welcome! For more information please visit http://greenpdx.org. You can also contact Amber Turner at greenpdx@gmail.com or 503.804.1261

West Coast Juniper Distributing Introduces New Product Division

Juniper Works! L.L.C. has as a central focus the development of natural, organic, and ecofriendly juniper based personal care products that best exemplify the many recognized therapeutic and health benefits of juniper under the JUNIPURETM brand. Their first product in this line is the organic and natural Horse and Handler Outdoor Body Spray for long lasting protection from those "buggy" outdoor irritants. For use on humans, horses and the pets you love.

Historically, juniper berries were among the most important herbal remedies used in India, Europe, China, and Native American cultures. Juniper's therapeutic and healing properties have long attributed to its traditional use in teas, tinctures, and salves. The current modes of use include tablets, capsules and more diverse topical products. The list of topical uses includes skin ailments such as minor wounds and insect bites, joint and muscle soreness, inflammation, and tissue fluid retention.

As pointed out by Mr. Cobb (owner of West Coast Juniper Distributing) "The new JUNIPURETM product line will further illustrate and bring public awareness to the many diverse commercial applications juniper has to offer. This will prove a value added asset to our existing business as well as benefit the statewide development of juniper as a treasured Oregon state resource. As the largest provider of juniper based products we have a special role in the education and promotion of the ecologically sound commercial uses of juniper and the active support of the key initiatives in the Oregon State Western Juniper Commercialization Project.

For more information go to www.westcoastjuniper.com

Dept. of Energy Grant Helps Ready Oregon for Zero Emissions

The U.S. Department of Energy has announced a grant for the largest deployment of electric vehicles (EVs) and charging infrastructure ever undertaken. Nissan is supporting the lead grant applicant, Electric Transportation Engineering Corp. (eTec), by pledging to make available up to 1,000 Nissan LEAF zero-emission electric vehicles in each of five major markets. Nissan, through the Renault-Nissan Alliance, is committed to being a global leader in zero-emission vehicles.

The $99.8 million grant to eTec, which will be matched by regional project participants for a project valued at approximately $199.6 million, is for installation of approximately 2,500 charging stations in each of the selected markets – Tennessee, Oregon, San Diego, Seattle and the Phoenix/Tucson region. The project also involves the deployment of up to 1,000 Nissan LEAF zero-emission vehicles in each market.

"This project will enhance America's leadership role in clean electric transportation and exemplifies the Department of Energy's strategic foresight and commitment to improving our environment, economy and energy independence," said Jonathan Read, president and CEO, ECOtality, parent company of eTec. "By developing a rich charge infrastructure in each market, this project will enable a successful consumer experience among early EV adopters and increase market demand for electric transportation."

Interested in purchasing a Nissan Leaf and participating in the Oregon test program? Go to the Nissan Leaf website www.nissanusa.com/leaf-electric-car

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