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The only function of
economic forecasting is
to make astrology look
– John Kenneth Galbraith
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new Nature articles

New Wrinkles on Getting Old ... or Keeping the F-U-N in Funeral

by Stephen Morris                         1000506 4683

In terms of resource consumption, nothing is quite as wasteful as death. Consider that in a typical year cemeteries in the United States require:

830,000 gallons of embalming fluid. 1.64 million tons of reinforced concrete for burial vaults. 90,000 tons of steel for caskets. 30 million board feet of hardwood for caskets. 2,700 tons of copper and bronze.

The Buzz About Bees

by Preston Shea                         1000481 12000
Understanding Father Warre's Simple Hive Design

The Resurrection of Cimarron–An Easter Story

by Stephen Morris                         1000478 5662

Native American call for global prayers

by Chief Arvol Looking Horse                         1000456 5984

Native American call for global prayers in response to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill

An open letter from Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Spiritual Leader of the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota People

Editor's Page--Life is Stories & Tunes

by Stephen Morris                         1000454 6293

"Stories & Tunes" is the title of a keynote I gave last year at SolarFest. In the talk I tell a sequence of stories taken from my professional life that illustrate a point about the state of our environment. There's the story of Paramount Pictures threatening to sue me; the story of setting off to visit every American brewery; the story of launching the National Tour of Solar Homes.

more Nature articles

What Does Zero Waste Really Mean?

by Paul Palmer                         9103 32410

Too many people have convinced themselves that the creation of garbage is an innate activity, even a social right!

Sweet Days Almost Upon Us

by Stephen Morris                         1023 15324

Burr captures the flavors of the sugar house perfectly on the printed page.

Consulting Foresters

by Stephen Morris                         1051 14260

Foresters: What They Do and Why You Need One

The Vermont Book of Days :A Father/Daughter Project Takes Off

by Stephen Morris                         1048 11841

Meet Michael and Missie Thurston, two-thirds of the creative team behind The Vermont Book of Days: The First Year

Fear Factor Vermont!

by Stephen Morris                         9102 11407

This article advocates that the southern and eastern borders of Vermont now require passport for entry. Just kidding!

review: The Outside Story

by Stephen Morris                         9122 10508

Northern Woodlands Magazine produces a bi-monthly blend of deft writing, stunning natural imagery, and muddy-boots practical information...

Onandaga Thanksgiving Address

by Onondaga Nation                         1000316 7579

Now our minds are one.

Goldsworthy's Stone

by Marshall Glickman                         1013 6876

The subtle power of Goldsworthy's sculpture comes from the way he enhances natural objects

Strangely Like War: The Global Assault on Forests

by Marshall Glickman                         1010 6499

a passionate and thorough yet concise treatment of the politics and economics of industrial "forestry"

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Forest Fire No Cause for Alarm

by Robin Respaut                         1000346 5887

Finding a Forester

by Stephen Morris                         1052 5823

Active Prayers for a Healthy Planet

by Karen Speerstra                         1000407 5699

How to Re-imagine the World

by Stephen Morris                         1000032 4941

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