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The graveyards are full
of indispensable men.
– Charles de Gaulle
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new Food articles

October is Co-op Month!

by Erbin Crowell                         1000515 4873
Editor's Note: Co-op Corner is a new quarterly feature, exploring the world of cooperatives.

Co-ops Commit to Sustainability & Inclusion

by Erbin Crowell                         1000514 4446
Editor's Note: Co-op Corner is a new quarterly feature, exploring the world of cooperatives.

College Cafeterias Go Local But in Different Ways

by Sam Rubinoff                         1000412 11425

I graduated from the University of Vermont in May, and instead of battling the tough job market, I decided to take a different route: riding my bike from Burlington to Maine to get a fresh lobster, camping out along the way.

Shortly after my victory meal, Green Living Journal asked me to write an article on colleges that serve locally grown foods in their cafeterias. By that time, it was late fall, and I challenged myself to bike to several Maine colleges before the snow arrived. The schools—The College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Unity College in Unity, Bates College in Lewiston, and St. Joseph's College in Standish—all advertise a commitment to environmental sustainability. What I discovered was that each of these schools has a different approach to getting local foods onto the daily menu.

The State of Beer is The State of Vermont

by Patrick Morris and Stephen Morris                         1000219 7670
In May of 1978 the Great Beer Trek left from the South Shore of Boston and headed out to discover America through its beers. The first stop, for fuel and directions, was Dan & Whit's in Norwich, Vermont.

Raising Kombucha

by Julie Ann Herrell                         1000214 9432
The mother has worked hard to produce a half gallon of quality organic fermented tea for my consumption, and she needs to rest before creating more. Her baby, the love child, is a result of her hard labors, and he will go forth to produce a baby himself, becoming a mother.

more Food articles

Fast track to 'Slow Food'

by Stephen Morris                         9128 25041

Bill Schubart is a guy who likes nothing more than inviting friends over to share a meal

The Les & Nova Show

by Stephen Morris                         9145 19936

The dashboard of their car is a still life of organized disorganization. Dried seed pods share the space with a plump, toy canary that chirps when you squeeze it...

The Origins of Coffee

by Patrick Morris                         9118 15633

...the specialty coffee business has show double digit growth for the past fifteen years. No other industry has so successfully

Toward an Ecology of Beer

by Christopher Mark O'Brien                         9116 15339

Why optimism when we are all headed to hell in a handbasket?

Feeding Your Pet Healthy Food

by Jill Breitner                         9139 14937

In this busy era, we have become accustomed to the easy way out -- buying commercial pet food. And why not?

Raw Milk Revolution

by Sarah Morrison                         1000031 9089

On Monday mornings one can find an array of abandoned glass jars full of money in the UPS mail room.

Ode to Green Smoothies

by Victoria Boutenko                         1000131 7668

As the Russian proverb says: New- is something old, that has been long forgotten

The Birth of Locavore

by Jessica Prentice                         1000168 7219

Once upon a time, all human beings were locavores, and everything we ate was a gift of the Earth

Vining & Wining

by Kathleen Jarschke-Schultze                         1000036 5975

Was winemaking easy or difficult?

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Could You Have a Future in Cheese?

by Ellen Ecker Ogden                         1000020 5277

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