The Class of 1970: Yale College Class of 1970 Reunion Book

We are trying to do a different kind of book in a different way. Here's what is different about this book:

Yale College Class of 1970 Reunion Book

You're LATE!

We may still be able to slip something in though. Read on...

  • This book will have many authors. We hope to have as many voices as possible from the Class of 1970.
  • This book will be completed in a very short time frame. We intend to have finished books in time for our reunion, as well as an online version accessible to all class members.

The book will be published under the imprint of The Public Press. We are hoping to create something that is, at once, intensely personal, and accessible to a broader audience.

Here's how to be part of the project

There are sixteen chapters that compartmentalize distinct parts of our Yale experience. You are invited to contribute a short essay of no more than 150 words to as many chapters as you wish. Contributing is not a guarantee of publication, but we will make sure that the representation is as broad and representative as possible.

Your submissions can be made right here. We suggest that you do your wordsmithing in whichever word processing program you are most comfortable with, then cut and paste it into the appropriate chapter.

The better the material, the better the book.

The manuscript, for final review and comment, will be posted on line in March, with printed copies available in time for the Reunion. (By the way, you don't need to attend the Reunion to be part of the book. Contributing to the book is a great way to participate if you cannot attend.)

Visual materials are welcome. Send scanned materials electronically to class webster John Boak. If you do not have access to a scanner, send the materials (properly identified) to John at 1035 S. Ogden St., Denver CO 80209.

This is it!

Our individual and collective chance to be part of history (or maybe "ourstory"). For once Yale is hitting you up for words, not dollars.

No excuses don't hold back don't be shy (like at a freshman mixer when they would bus in girls) BE BRUTALLY HONEST, BUT DON'T LOSE YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR Step up to the keyboard and show us what you got. Show why you deserved your admission to The Class of 1970.

Deadline (absolute, final, no dean's excuses) for all materials is WAS February 1, 2005. There is still a chance, though, if your submission is especially apt or humorous, and appeals to the chapter editor, that you might still squeeze something in. It's worth a try.

Gentlemen, start your keyboards!

The Class of 1970: Yale College Class of 1970 Reunion Book

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