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If you value free speech and freedom of thought; if you think that the mainstream media do not give an accurate portrayal of the world; if you are stimulated by interesting ideas, good writing, and colorful personalities ... we invite you on board the Reader Ship of The Public Press.
Our Reader Ship is intended to stimulate, entertain, and occasionally challenge our most avid supporters who have joined us in our quest to direct the Mother Ship into calmer, friendlier waters.
Many of our profiles and features in The Page will point towards a deeper level of accessible information. Members will be able to access this information simply by clicking through; non-members will need to find it on their own. Our hope is that for the very modest cost of membership (less than $.03 per day), the convenience will be worth it.
Eventually we will offer the option to join for a day, a month, or a year. Proposed pricing is listed below. We will begin booking passage on our Reader Ship when sufficient product and content exist to make it of tangible value:

Board The Reader Ship / Proposed pricing
One day…$0.99
One month…$4.95
One year…$9.95
One lifetime*…$50.00

*"One lifetime" is defined as from now until when you tell us to stop contacting you,
or when we decide to abandon "ship."
If this happens before the end of 2005, your $25 will be refunded in full.

Special Offer for Intrepid Sailors ... Join us on our Shakedown Cruise

Become a First Mate
(and lifetime member)
for $100

During our start-up phase, we invite you to board our Reader Ship is by signing on to our Shakedown Cruise as a First Mate. The $100 you send to become a First Mate guarantees you of nothing, maybe less, aside from the adventure of what promises to be an exciting journey. You will, however, receive a certificate, suitable for framing, that acknowledges your important role in the launch of The Public Press.
We vaguely promise that your faith will be returned many times over, but we have no idea how or why.

Certified Certificate

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