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Stephen Morris
           The Ten (or so) Mostly Inviolable
           Laws of Publishing

  1. Anthologies don't sell.
  2. Space advertising doesn't work. Neither does sales promotion or any other traditional form of marketing. In fact, if there is any efficient, reliable way for a small publisher to promote their products, I don't know it.
  3. When delays occur, expense happens.
  4. Good writers are a dime a dozen; hard-working authors are worth their weight in gold.
    1. Don't publish dead authors, especially if they're still alive.
    2. Given the choice between publishing an exquisite writer and a shameless self-promotor, go with the self-promotor (you might end up making enough money to publish the real writer).
  5. If you can't describe a book in one sentence, don't publish it.
  6. Listen carefully to authors! (but don't follow their advice, especially about marketing)
  7. No one cares about your sensitive, beautifully-written personal essays. Or your previously published columns. Or your supposedly amusing observations on the meaning of life.
  8. A boring, academic book with a sexy title and beautiful cover is still a boring, academic book.
  9. Awards don't mean shit.
  10. Orders that look too good to be true, are too good to be true.
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Stephen Morris

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