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Tales of Beyonder:

Perspectives on Neo-Rural Living
by Stephen Morris

published by
Leviathan Press

Tales of Beyonder is reputedly Stephen Morris's tenth book. He is the author of Beyond Yonder, The King of Vermont, The Great Beer Trek, and the authoritative and prolix, if imaginary, six-volume Compleat Spam Reader. Tales of Beyonder is a collection of 55 short articles originally published in The Vermont Sunday Magazine and The Real Goods News.

paper  :  5 x 7  :   171 pages  :  $5.00

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about the author

Stephen Morris, author, grower of mighty zucchinis, father to Jake and Patrick, is a marketing wizard in his professional life. His irreverent (and often irrelevant) writings have appeared in Chelsea Green's newsletter The HUB. His fans look forward to find his work in new and unexpected places.
photo by Robert Eddy or Jack Rowell, who knows...

Stephen Morris

One Step Consulting
100 Gilead Brook Road
Randolph, Vermont 05060

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