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One Step Consulting

Because All Journeys Begin With One Step

The challenges facing our lives, our families, our businesses, our organizations, our environment, and even our planet can be overwhelming, but we must have faith that there is always a path to a successful resolution. If nothing else, there are new options to eliminate. Once we find our chosen path, it is best traveled one step at a time. The most important and most difficult step is always the first.
For the past twenty-five years Stephen Morris has been helping other businesses, organizations, and individuals tell their stories to the public. The chapters of his professional life have focused on renewable energy, organic gardening, permaculture, natural building, and even sustainable hedonism. Most recently, as Publisher at Chelsea Green he brought a broad business background to the highly focused discipline of publishing books.

Now, as One Step Consulting, he is bringing the lessons of book publishing back to the world of general business. He has assembled a national network of associates to help clients determine what their message is, how it is best expressed, and who wants to hear it. In his own words:
"I've learned that we all have information that we need to make public, the literal definition of publishing. What can make situations overwhelming is the seemingly infinite variety of media available today: Audiotapes, Banners, Billboards, Bookazines, Books, Bumper stickers, Catalogs, CDs, DVDs, eNewsletters, eZines, Faxes, Infomercials, Magalogs, Magazines, Newsletters, Packaging, Press releases, Public Service Announcements, TV advertising, Videotapes, Web banners, Web pop-ups, Websites ... The list seems to grow daily.
"The worlds of the publisher and publicist have converged. Over time, without strategic clarity and vigilant discipline the messages communicated by organizations become diluted, contradictory, or garbled. This can impact the functionality of the organization, internally and externally. Conversely, we see organizations with focused messages succeed disproportionately to their competition."

Among One Step's specialties:
  • Strategic planning
  • Sales training
  • Distribution analysis
  • Marketing plan development
  • New market/project evaluation
One Step will analyze, refine, and occasionally re-invent the way companies and organizations communicate their essential information. Let President Stephen Morris and his network of associates help you "publish" your information more cogently, more concisely, and more effectively.

Past and current clients include:
  • Co-op America
  • Chelsea Green Publishing
  • Real Goods Trading Corporation
  • H.S. Tarm Boilers
  • Vermont Castings
  • Tulikivi Fireplaces
  • Wall Goldfinger
  • AGA Cookstoves
  • Ogilvy & Mather
  • Young & Rubicam
  • Magic Hat Brewing

Stephen Morris

One Step Consulting
100 Gilead Brook Road
Randolph, Vermont 05060

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