The Home Energy Diet
by Paul Scheckel

Table of Contents

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CHAPTER 1: Energy Literacy9
   Primary Fuels9
   Measuring Energy10
   The Big Picture12
   Where Does Energy Come From?18
   Where Does the Energy Go?27
   Home Energy Matters30
   Comparing Fuel Energy and Costs36
   Increase Efficiency, Reduce Waste51
   How Heat Moves52
   Next Steps55
CHAPTER 2: Electricity57
   Introduction to Using Electricity in Your Home57
   Awareness: The Big Picture64
   Where Does Electricity Go?67
   Powerful Impacts68
   Assessing Electric Use of Appliances72
   Electrical Energy Audit90
   Electrical Diet93
   Home Power Safety94
CHAPTER 3: Appliance Energy Use99
   Power Use of Household Appliances99
   Common Electrical Appliances99
   Clothes Dryer Diet101
   Clothes Washer Diet103
   Dehumidifier Diet105
   Dishwasher Diet106
   Lighting Diet111
   Cooking Diet116
   Waterbed Diet119
   Refrigerator and Freezer Diet120
CHAPTER 4: Hot Water125
   Awareness: The Big Picture126
   Types of Water Heaters127
   Maintaining Your Water Heater137
   Water Heater Efficiency Measures149
   How to Choose a New Water Heater158
   Your Hot Water and Energy Consumption161
   Hot Water Diet169
CHAPTER 5: Heating and Air Conditioning171
   Awareness: The Big Picture171
   What Determines Home Heating Energy Consumption?173
   Types of Heating Systems176
   Efficiency Ratings for Heating Systems185
   Efficiency Improvements186
   Combustion Equipment and Fuel Safety191
   Buying New200
   Combustion Equipment Safety Diet201
   Heating Diet206
   Air Conditioning208
   Air Conditioning Diet215
CHAPTER 6: The Envelope, Please217
   Air Leakage240
   Envelope Improvement Assessment245
   Air Leakage Diet247
   Air and Moisture Movement248
   Reducing Air and Moisture Movement250
   Relative Humidity and Moisture Control255
   Indoor Air Quality256
   Ice Dams and Icicles265
   Diet For a Warm, Dry, Healthy Envelope269
   How to Perform a Heat Load Calculation on Your Home269
CHAPTER 7: Buying New Appliances271
   How to Buy A New Appliance271
   Checklist for Choosing a New Energy-Efficient Appliance275
   Financial Incentive276
   Off-Grid Economics281
   APPENDIX A: How Much Energy Do You Use?284
   APPENDIX B: Your Greenhouse Gas Profile287
   APPENDIX C: Appliance Use Chart290
   APPENDIX D: Heat-Load Calculations for Your House296
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NEW! Interview with author Paul Scheckel

The Home Energy Diet
by Paul Scheckel


Welcome to the rewarding world of energy efficiency! I have done my best to make this book informative, entertaining, and guiltfree, offering something in each chapter for both novice and expert. I think youíll find The Home Energy Diet a refreshing approach to what can be a dry subject. I commend you for reading about efficiency, but reading alone will not save energy ó action will. So I ask that you really use this book, and in return I promise you appreciable dividends as you reduce your use of energy and trim your energy bills.

cover: Home Energy Diet by Paul Scheckel
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