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Darwin Hunter made his literary debut more than twenty years ago when he chronicled the lifestyle warfare taking place in idyllic rural Vermont between the entrenched natives ("Woodchucks") and the invaders from the south ("Flatlanders") in a self-proclaimed magnum opus, Beyond Yonder.

The misadventures continued as he made a run for public office, embracing an unorthodox (and ultimately disastrous) policy of Total Disclosure in The King of Vermont.

Meanwhile, on the coastal Flatlands just south of Boston in a seaside community called Indian Mound, Arthur Gordon, disgraced Hollywood film director, tries to recover his self-esteem by restoring a rundown summer cottage and catching a striped bass on a fly rod in the mini-epic Stripah Love.

Now, the entire cast of characters from both worlds have come together for the final chapter (well, ya nevah know?) of Darwin's journey in Stories & Tunes.

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Darwin Hunter is now the MegaBucks Czar, a man with unassailable authority over the state lottery. After an epiphany that reveals to him the regressive nature of this institutionalized gambling, Darwin becomes a modern day Robin Hood, using his power to more fairly distribute the wealth, at least in the Brigadoon that is Vermont.

He is assisted and challenged by the most colorful cast of characters since ... uh, Canterbury Tales. There's the rappin' Shappy Shapiro, originator of the Peace Pretzel; BJ Bosco, equally at ease shooting with a camera or a gun; the silently voracious Dog Sled Girl; Henry Drown, entrepreneur from Down Under; and Captain Goo-Roo, the musician whose life is defined by the power chords of rock and roll.

Vermont is the stage for a madcap farce with pretensions of searing social commentary. Things gotta change.

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