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Jack Gartside is one of the most interesting people in the world. For many years a Boston cabbie, he is now a professional fisherman and without a doubt the world's greatest stripah fisherman. His writing, specifically "Fly Fishing in Boston Harbor" re-ignited my interest in fishing and provided the spark that became this book. Thank you, Jack, for your inspiration. Jack has a great website and interesting eNewsletter.

-- SM

Just a quick note to tell you that I finished Stripah Love last night--and LOVED it! A great mix of story, characters, setting and, of course, striper fishing. The sort of book that had me turning the pages faster and faster to see what would happen next but then, as I approached the end of the book, turning them more slowly to prolong my pleasure. Just didn't want it to end. I think you've got a winner here and I hope that the book reaches a deserving audience--of readership as the case may be. Speaking of readers, I'd be happy to give your book a plug on the website, featuring it on the home page with a link to The Public Press, where I assume the book may be purchased.

Again, thanks for sending me the copy and for your kind words in the acknowledgents page. And, most importantly, thanks for writing the book. It gave me a lot of pleasure, as I'm sure it will many others.



PS Some crabs--blue crabs, for instance--actually do some of their feeding near the surface ( Although we don't have a lot of blue crabs around here, we do have a lot of calico crabs and they, too, can often be found on or near the surface, especially the younger and smaller of the species, most particularly in estuaries or around mudflats. This is why the Crab Gurgler can often be a good fly to use in such areas.

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