A Mim's Eye View: From the Heart of Vermont

Miriam Herwig started this collection when she was in her teens. She is now 89 and still contributes regularly to The Herald of Randolph.
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book cover: A Mims-Eye View

For Mim Herwig, born Miriam Boyce nearly ninety years ago, the past is always present.

This is not to say that Mim dwells in the past. She doesn't. She's a lively woman with lively interests in and up-to-date knowledge of today's world. But for Mim, the past is always there, too, informing the present and giving it an added dimension.

That awareness flows partly from an astounding memory of her upbringing in Williamstown and her adult life in Randolph, partly from her wide-ranging reading habits, and partly from her lifelong marriage to another historian, Wes Herwig, who published, with Mim's assistance, several fascinating books of local history.

The essays that follow, most of them first published in The Herald of Randolph ("White River Valley Herald" before 1990), demonstrate Mim's awareness of the manifold ways that the past reaches out to us. The past has lessons for the present—practical and moral lessons. It tells us factual information about the world close around us that we really ought to know. The past is also full of people who are a joy to know, full of adventures that fill the imagination, that make our present lives richer.

Since we all have a past, whether we recognize it or not, the past has made us what we are. These "Mim's-Eye View" tales of long-gone days help us better to understand and to appreciate our journey through the years.

Mim tells us these stories of the past simply, with relish. Take the opportunity to spend a few minutes with her. She's good company.

from the Introduction
by M. Dickey Drysdale
Editor and Publisher,
The Herald of Randolph

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Mim Herwig, 1948
Mim Herwig, 1948

A Mim's Eye View: From the Heart of Vermont

Like an old time sideshow, this compilation of essays is wide and varied. Historic events which have never appeared elsewhere are shoulder to shoulder with reminiscences and tales of bygone days. The end result is this collection of a lifetime of writing. My hope is that this volume will acquaint the reader with interesting events, not only in Randolph's past, but throughout Vermont. So, read and remember, with a chuckle and maybe a tear.

Miriam Herwig (aka "Mim")

Miriam Herwig started this collection when she was in her teens. She is now 89 and still contributes regularly to The Herald of Randolph.

"Miriam Herwig's prose is clean and clear as she tells her Vermont stories. It's a pleasure to be taken back to a time past and one so beautifully recalled."

Madeleine M. Kunin

There's much to be savored here, with the delight in the detail.

Howard Coffin,
from the Foreword
cover: A Mims-Eye View by Miriam Herwig
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