So, here's the idea.

We create an electronic page that changes frequently and that highlights the "celebrities" from the other side of the culture -- the movers and shakers who take meaningful ideas and practices and turn them into realities.

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We give a voice and attach a name to the green business pioneers, the champions of social justice, the responsible business leaders, the crafters of organic farming, renewable energy, and natural housing. We create a community with like-minded individuals and organizations, and we try to get everyone moving in a direction that will make this planet a better place to live ... not for just a few, but for everyone.

The Page is available to anyone, for free.
By means of personal introduction:

Stephen Morris
I'm Stephen Morris, and I've spent the time since the late 1960s trying to figure out how to get America (and by default much of the rest of the world) to act more responsibly towards our planet and each other.

Something tells me that there can be enough for all of us in this world, if we are just smart enough to do it right.

I've tried to accomplish this through woodstoves, mail order, and books, all the while trying to spread the gospel of sustainable living. Now, I want to enlist the power and personalities of like-minded souls to create a publishing "empire" devoted to the information about the ideas, practices, and products that we will embrace in the future.

You can learn more (maybe too much) about me on my website .

Every so often The Page will feature passionate people who are authoritative in their respective fields and doing worthwhile things that engage their particular passions. We're trying to give these people their fifteen minutes of fame, only in today's world we've compressed it to about ninety seconds. Over there on the right you can see my ninety seconds ...or you can read a sample interview by my son, Patrick Morris, aka The Shill.

But enough about me. Each issue of The Page will contain an interview with a fascinating person (not me!) The commonality will be that these are people who believe in and practice the ideas and principles of sustainable living. Sometimes the people will be interviewed about their specific area of expertise. Other times the subject will be related to their personal passions.

These brief, easy-to-read, insightful interviews will point in other surprising and delightful directions. If you subscribe to The Page or are a member of The Public Press you'll be transported right there through the miracle of cyberspace. If not, it will take you a little longer (and you know what that means in a world where time = money).

Subjects covered
will include:
  • Access to tools
  • Travel
  • Livelihood
  • Money
  • Shelter
  • Stories and tunes
Each issue of The Page will also contain information from and about our partners, an eclectic group who share our values and mission. These messages will contain special offers and tidbits of hard to find information. They will also be a constant reminder that you are outside of the mass media and the mainstream business world.

Here's a sample, borrowed from Kevin Kelly's website Cool Tools .

Heavy-duty waterproof bags -- Ortlieb Dry Bags

Contributed by Helge A. Gudmundsen

The German company Ortlieb produce a range of waterproof items. These are excellent for use while trekking, motorcycling, bicycling, caving, canoeing, etc. I usually put clothing and sleeping bags in Ortlieb dry bags inside my rucksack. I am guaranteed that stuff will keep dry, and it makes it easier to organize the backpack.

I also have a larger Ortlieb bag which I use when I go on motorcycling trips. Useful stuff, and excellent quality/durability. They produce a range of items.

Each enticing, tantalyzing feature will offer access to additional information, but when you click through, that's when we zap you with The Sell. It's a simple enough proposition for the consumer: The Page is free, but the convenience of deeper access will cost a little extra. That's where we, The Public Press, have added value. (Some access, such as links to our partners home pages will be free.)

Subscription / Proposed pricing

Besides publishing The Page, The Public Press will publish books and (one day) a periodical -- all related to the delicious, pleasurable, enjoyable, fulfilling world of sustainable living -- but first, we mean to establish The Page as the printed equivalent to that cup of shade-grown, fair traded, organic mocha java.

One day ... $0.99
One month ... $4.95
One year ... $9.95
One lifetime* ... $50.00
*'One lifetime' is defined as from now until when you tell us to stop contacting you, or when we decide to abandon 'ship.'
If this happens before the end of 2005, your $25 will be refunded in full.
I know what you're saying...

'But Stephen, that's 4 cents a day or less! You'll never get rich with such low prices.' Heh-heh-heh. There is so much pent-up demand for honest publishing, in three years we'll be rolling in dough!

One of our major revenue sources will be commissions on books and cool products featured. This is a win-win for everyone.

Part of our fiendish plan is to give the people featured in The Page unresticted use of the page for their personal use. They will be encouraged to email it to everyone in their address books. We will also encourage people to nominate future interviewees. These are a few of the grassroots techniques we will employ to grow the network of people who read The Page of The Public Press.

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Biggest Zucchini at Tunbridge World's Fair
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The Public Press exists to publish (to 'make public') information that protects free speech and promotes the public welfare. We accept no advertising, but exist through the generosity and support of our readers and partners. We hope you will join us in making this a successful venture.

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