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A Damn Fine Read

Quinney Weighs In

John Quinney is a native New Zealander who has spent a lifetime in support of environmental causes. Currently the head of the Energy Co-op of Vermont, he was at one time the executive director of the legendary New Alchemy Institute. In addition to his achievements on behalf of the environment, he's a helluva nice guy.

-- SM
Fish, Folk and Fun, August 16, 2005
Reviewer: John Quinney

This book gives the reader plenty of laughs - and much more. It's politically incorrect and respectful at the same time, and brings on a lively cast of characters who draw us into their idiosyncratic lives and relationships. With a light, sometimes ironic touch, Stephen Morris also manages to address environmental and family values - real family values that is - not the political kind. By about halfway through Stripah Love, I had trouble putting it down - I was laughing, thinking, and growing increasingly interested in and curious about the adventures and experiences of Stephen's motley cast of characters - Cuzzin', Artie, Shea, Liam, Meiko and Joe Liquordup. Stripah Love is about fishing ... and communities. About life-long friendships, half-assed home repairs courtesy of "Nucking Fuff," a Native American activist who doesn't know how to fish, a relationship between a fifty something film director, trashed by feminists, and yet loved by his New Age neighbor on Indian Mound. Stirring the pot deftly, Morris throws in some novel business development concepts from Cuzzin, several seafood recipes heavy on grease and tradition, Sandy Beach's authoritative newspaper columns on fish and fishing in Boston harbor and even a sex scene. But it's not just about the story. By buying this book, you're supporting Morris's publishing organization, The Public Press, an alternative to the homogenized, corporate-speak pap that passes for much of what gets published these days. But that aside, this book is simply a damn fine read, worth checking out for its entertainment value alone. Get, read it and recommend it to your friends. They'll be impressed with your taste in off-beat writing.


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