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Here Stands Marshall

Dan Chiras

Dan Chiras

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cover Here Stands Marshall

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Here Stands Marshall perched precariously on the edge of insanity and self-destruction. Set against a backdrop of the turmoil of Vietnam, the changing roles of the sexes, and the growing awareness of environmental destruction, Marshall Rhodes struggles to find happiness and love for himself and others. It is a harrowing journey that beelines deeply into a troubled human mind.

The son of an abusive father, Marshall abandons his residency in pediatrics and a failing marriage to become a writer. He moves from New Haven, Connecticut to Aspen, Colorado to create fiction that will help "set the world straight." For Marshall there is no shortage of surrounding hate, greed, violence, and stupidity. "No more mollycoddling the American psyche," he pledges.

Success proves elusive. The ink that spills from his pen has the smell of blood. Editors find his work interesting, but his outlook unredeemable.

Haunted by his father's disapproval, Marshall struggles to free himself from a crippling self-image. Will Marshall find the capacity to love himself -- and others? Will he heal the wounds from his past -- or fling himself further into despair? Will he learn that in fighting a monster, he must not become one? Will he find that the loving heart is, as Charles Dickens once wrote, "the truest wisdom"?

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cover Here Stands Marshall Here Stands Marshall
Dan Chiras

isbn: 0-9764520-6-5
357 pages   :   5.5" x 8.5"
series: main

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