Introducing An Author's Edition

Stephen Morris: Beyond Yonder

"Beyond Yonder was published by Penguin at the same time they published Lake Wobegon Days. Although sales were a respectable 20,000 copies, Lake Wobegon sold two million, so there wasn't a great deal of enthusiasm at the publishing house for my little book. It quickly went out of print, even though there continues to be regional demand in Vermont. The Public Press will enable me to make these sales without having to invest in a lot of inventory."

-- Stephen Morris

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An Author's Edition is the shortest and most direct path to publication.

Author's FAQs
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Stephen Hunter Morris: Stripah Love

Paul Freundlich: Deus Ex Machina

Paul Freundlich: Deus Ex Machina

Interested in Authorship?

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Start by getting our Free and authoritative Author's Guide. This comprehensive guide covers everything an author needs to know, including correct formatting for submission and our collection of Rules for Writing Good.

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An Author's Edition is an ideal strategy for:

The advantages to an Author's Edition are speed, control, flexibility, and revenue opportunity. Your book will reach the market faster. You will have complete artistic control so that the finished piece will represent your vision. And you will receive a larger share of the resulting revenues than is typical with conventional publishing.

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Here's an explanation of the basic relationship:
  1. The Author prepares the manuscript according to the instructions in The Public Press's Author's Guide.
  2. Upon acceptance by The Public Press the Author pays a flat fee of $1,000 to join The Public Press's Author's Collective. This will guarantee the production of up to a 300 page book up to the point where it can be released to a printer. The Public Press will research and recommend the most appropriate printer for the job. (The fee for the Author's Collective can either come directly from an author or can come from a third-party sponsor who will be suitably acknowledged in the finished text.)
  3. The author may purchase an unlimited number of copies from the initial print run for printer's invoice plus 20%
  4. The Public Press will manage the process to have the book available to the book trade and displayed on the major electronic book selling sites (including
  5. The Public Press will manage order fulfillment, with net revenues split equally between The Public Press and the Author

Frequently Asked Question about Author's Editions:

Will the quality of my book be inferior?

The author determines the quality level, so goal is to achieve a quality level that is cost appropriate. Some authors will sell thousands of copies of their books. Others will want only a few hundred to be circulated to agents, editor, and producers.

What if I cannot afford the $1000 to join the Author's Collective?

We suggest that you find a person or organization to sponsor you. This can be a friend, relative, non-profit organization, or business. You are in the best position to determine who has an interest in seeing your manuscript become available as a finished book. A page in the back of the book will be reserved to acknowledge a sponsor.

What if I publish a book with The Public Press, then another publisher becomes interested?

That's exactly what we are hoping for. This becomes a win-win situation for both of us, and we will be glad to help you negotiate the best possible contract.

Will The Public Press market my book?

Yes, but modestly, using our in-house marketing vehicles, such as our website and newsletter.

What about review copies?

We're always willing to provide a copy to bona fide reviewers. The wholesale mailing of books to potential reviewers is notoriously inefficient and benefits only the U.S. Postal Service. A key component to The Public Press mission is be judicious in our use of natural resources, so physical books will be sent only upon request.

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