book cover: MacroEthics by Geoffrey M. Cox


Personal Responsibility
in an Age of Global Problems

by Geoffrey M. Cox

Ethical theory as it has come down to us through the centuries rests on a model of the individual as the unit of moral decision-making and moral agency. Moral responsibility is assigned to individuals based on their intentions and the effects of their actions on those around them. We live in an age of social problems that span nations, continents, the globe. Many issues – climate change, global poverty, the subjugation of women, genocide – we require a new vocabulary of morality to describe, analyze, persuade and evaluate our response to these contemporary calls to action. Each of us must find a way to participate in something that is far beyond our personal control. A new theory of macroethics is intended to help us answer the ageold question, “how shall I live” in a new, more interconnected global community.

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